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Marble Surface

Foundation Funds

1st United Methodist Church - SC Fund 
Albert & Dee Hoeme Memorial Fund 
Albert & Dee Hoeme Scholarship Fund 
Alfred Jr. & Juanita Janssen Scholarship 
Alpha Omega
Animal Health International Fund 
Ansley Spencer Scholarship Fund 
Arlene Cauthon Donor Advised Fund 
Armantrout Scholarship Fund 
Anthem Lodge #284
B&C Allen Equine Education Fund 
Bart Carr Medical Fund 
Beaver Backers
Beaver Wrestling Fund 
Bob Harkness Memorial Fund 
Brett Eisenhour Family Fund 
Brett K Todd Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Brunswig Family Fund 
C & K Duff Scholarship Fund 
Camp Christy Fund 
Campos Family Legacy Fund 
Cauthon VIP Center Affiliate Fund 
Chase Spencer Scholarship Fund 
CJB Memorial Fund 
Cultural Arts Fund
David & Val Duff Memorial Scholarship 
Delores Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Digital Media Fund 
Don & Marlo Wiechman Scholarship Fund 
Education Fund
Elmer Cauthon Memorial Fund 
Faurot Electric Trade School Scholarship 
First National Bank Fund
Fort Hays State University Fund 
Fort Hays State University Virtual College Scholarship
Friends of Scott County Library
Giving Day Fund 
Glenn J Novak Scholarship Fund
Golf Team Equipment Fund 
Golfing for Grants Fund 
Good Neighbor Fund 
Gropp Scholarship Fund 
Healthcare Fund
Healy Community Fund 
Helmers Family Fund 
Henry & Elma Parkinson Fund 
Historical Society Affiliate Fund 
Holy Cross Lutheran Church Fund
Hope's Closet Fund 
Hower Fund 
Hueftle - Camp Lake Side Fund 
Hueftle - SCC Indoor Arena Fund 
Hueftle - SCHS Scholarship Fund 
Hueftle - UMC Fund 
Hueftle - Youth Inc Boy Scout Fund 
Jan Silvey Family Scholarship Fund 
Jerry Thomas Art Gallery Fund 
Jim Hess Memorial Fund 
John Burgess Memorial Fund 
John Eli Crist Fund 
K. Burgess Aviation Scholarship 
Kelly & Mitzi Hoeme Family Fund 
Kenneth & Jacque Snow Memorial Fund 
K-State Global Scholarship Fund 
Labache Ag Ed. Scholarship Fund 
Lake Scott State Park Friends Fund 
Lake Scott State Park Tourism Fund 
Larry Vulgamore Memorial Fund
Lee - 1st Christian Church Fund 
Lee - New Hope Children's Farm Fund 
Lee - Scott County Library Fund 
Lee - Scott County Museum Fund 
Leon Conway Memorial Fund 
Lucas Matthies Big Stick Fund 
M & W Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Marsha Grothusen Scholarship Fund 
MASH Tournament Fund 
Matthew Spangler Memorial Fund 
New Hope Children’s Farm Trust 
Parents as Educators Fund 
Park Lane Fund 
Park on the Plains - Playground
Paul & Leona Numrich Memorial 
Prairie View Church of Brethren Fund 
R M A Mulch Family Fund 
Robertson Family Fund 
Ron Baker Family Fund 
Ruby Wilkens Music Scholarship Fund 
Russell Child Development Fund 
Ryan Haxton Memorial 
S. Winderlin Scholarship Fund 
SC Animal Rescue Shelter Fund 
SC Arts Council Affiliate Fund 
SC College Fund 
SC Compassion Fund 
SC Elementary School Fund 
SC Feathers and Lead Fund 
SC Golf Club Affiliate Fund 
SC Hospital Affiliate Fund 
SC Hospital Endowment Fund 
SC Indoor Arena Fund 
SC Library Affiliate Fund 
SC Rest Home Affiliate Fund 
SC Take Down Club Fund 
SC Youth Football League Fund 
SC Youth Grant Fund 
SCF Leadership Fund
SCF Legacy Fund 
SCHS Beaver Booster Club Fund 
SCHS Beaver Football Fund 
SCHS Boys Basketball Fund
SCHS Cross County Fund 
SCHS Football Helmet Fund 
SCHS Football Scholarship Fund 
SCHS Girls Basketball Fund 
SCHS Girls Volleyball Fund 
SCHS Pole Vault Fund 
SCHS Reunion Alumni Association
SCHS Tennis Fund 
SCHS Track and Field Fund 
Scott City Chamber of Commerce Fund 
Scott City Development Committee Fund 
Scott City Dog Park Fund 
Scott City Middle School Fund 
Scott City Swim Fund 
Scott Community Childcare Fund 
Scott Community Fieldhouse Fund 
Scott Community High School Fund
Scott Community Nature Fund 
Scott Community Sports Complex 
Scott Community Walking Trail Fund 
Scott County Diversion Fund 
Scott County Fire Dept. Fund 
Scott County Free Fair Fund 
Scott County Historical Projects 
Scott County LEC Donor Advised Fund 
Scott County Museum Fund 
Scott County ROZ Fund 
Scott County Shrine Club
Scott Recreation Commission Fund
Security State Bank Advised Fund
Security State Bank Continuing Education Scholarship
Security State Bank Scholarship Fund
Shallow Water Alumni/Students Fund 
Simpson Family Fund 
Spencer Family Golden Rule Fund
Spencer Flight & Education Center
Stacy Hoeme Family Fund 
Stephen & Monica Prewit Family Fund 
Stepping Up Fund 
TFI Family Services Fund 
Thayne & Pat Nichols Memorial Fund 
Veterans Memorial Fund 
Walk. Run. Roll. Fund 
Wellness Fund 
Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center Fund 
Western State Bank Fund
Western Vistas Historic Byway Fund 
Wheatland Electric Sharing Success 
Wilkens Fund 
Wilkens Scholarship Fund 
William Carpenter 4-h Foundation Fund 
William Dryer Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Women for Women Fund 
Woodrow & Loyal Hoffman Fund

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