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SCHOLARSHIPS OPEN:  December 25, 2023


Scott Community Foundation is a large provider of scholarships to local high school seniors and college students awarding over $130,000 each year. Scott Community Foundation manages many scholarship funds that are awarded to graduating high school seniors as well as students already in an undergraduate program. Some scholarships were started by families or individuals and others by business organizations. All scholarships share one goal: helping young people reach their educational goals.

SCHS Graduates Scholarship List

Continuing Education Scholarship List

Out of County Scholarship List

SCHS General

Scott Community Foundation General Application - Scott Community High School Seniors are eligible for a scholarship through Scott Community Foundation.

Continuing Ed  Application

Scott Community Foundation Continuing Education Application - For Post-Secondary Education Scholarships who are local residents and SCHS Students.

Out of County

Are you a student out of the county? There are multiple applications that are available to students who will be attending post-secondary schooling.

All applications must be submitted through our online system.

Click the link below to access a quick tutorial on how to apply for a scholarship through the online portal. 

Applications open December 25, 2023, and are due February 23, 2024.

Applicant Tutorial

If you have any questions about applying for scholarships, contact Scott Community Foundation at
(620) 872-3790 or email Leslee Meyer at

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